Greetings; my name is Dr. Peder N. Piering, CC-AASP, and my passion lies in working with athletes, coaches, parents, and anyone who wants to enhance their experience through sport and fitness. With over 10 years of formal education, over 10 years of experience as a sport psychologist, and a lifetime of involvement in athletics, I have come to believe in this simple premise: Where your mind goes your ass will follow.

Sport psychology is about providing you with the mental links to athletic excellence. It helps you take advantage of the most powerful weapon you have: your mind. With access to the theories, techniques, and tools of modern sport psychology you can better understand and improve your mental game. With an emphasis on the dynamic that is mind and body, sport psychology enhances our knowledge in the areas of health and human performance. When mind and body function in harmony an athlete is capable of tapping into what many have referred to as “intangible” qualities. While in this mental and physical state, an athlete can achieve the ultimate high and experience thrilling moments that result in peak performance. Unfortunately these relatively rare and elusive moments are difficult to repeat if they aren’t fully understood. With specific knowledge of the psychological characteristics necessary to experience these moments and the mental strategies it takes to achieve them, the field of sport psychology has made what was once intangible, tangible. An athlete who possesses greater awareness of what he or she is striving for is able to bring about these magical moments with more frequency.

While I have celebrated many victories, I have also suffered defeats. These experiences have given me an in depth understanding into the pressures of competition and the difficulties of living a balanced life while trying to excel on the field. I know of the potential personal conflicts that can arise when trying to follow your coach’s game plan or trying to lead your teammates to victory. I know of the pain involved in serious injuries, the frustrations of long hours in rehabilitation, and the self doubt and fear that follows. I know what it means to be an athlete. I have worked with athletes and coaches at every level in many different sports and I consider it a great privilege to continue learning as I share in their experiences and their insights.


* United States Olympic Committee – Sport Psychology and Mental Training Registry
2008-2012 quadrennium
2004-2008 quadrennium
2000-2004 quadrennium
* Certified Consultant – Association of Applied Sport Psychology, CC-AASP #185
* National Register of Health Service Providers in Psychology – Registrant #46160
* Psychologist – State of Wisconsin License #2298-057
* Licensed Private Pilot – Airman Certificate #3071516

Dr. Piering has received specialized training in the field of sport psychology. He has gone through an extensive review of his credentials, education, and experiences in order to earn the distinction of CC-AASP. The certification process required for this expects a high degree of professional expertise and professional conduct within the field of sport psychology, and allows him to use the title of ‘Sport Psychologist”.

Dr. Piering is also listed in the United States Olympic Committee Sport Psychology and Mental Training Registry. This is a directory of qualified sport psychology and mental training specialists.tkdchodan