Excellence in sport demands as much discipline and training of the mind as it does of the body. Every sport has a mental aspect to it, and mental aspects of each sport, become more important as you climb the competitive ladder. In fact, on the elite competitive level, those who excel are those who are strongest mentally. With over 60 years of research behind it, the science of sports psychology can help you understand and improve your mental game. We can provide you with the mental strategies necessary to gain the competitive edge.

If you choose, we will provide you with a powerful alliance designed to help you take advantage of the most powerful weapon you have – your mind! This alliance will allow you to access and utilize the theories, techniques, and interventions of comptemporary sport psychology. Through support, structure, and accountability, we will challenge you, and ask you to do more than you would do of your own.

With this knowledge rooted in the “psychology of excellence”, we help athletes create and maintain an ideal psychological profile that will help unleash their physical, and promote peak performance. We help coaches and trainers develop superior leadership skills necessary for a more positive influence, and a greater impact on their players and teams. We also assist parents in providing their children with an environment in which they can thrive. We welcome anyone looking to use physical activity as a means toward personal growth and overall well-being. Together, we can achieve meaningful change in your life.