As a sport psychologist my expertise lies in the area of human performance and what I like to call “The Psychology of Excellence”. The greatest barriers in our pursuit of this excellence are often psychological. Through the psychology of excellence you can break through these barriers and find the courage to follow through with your vision. With greater ability to direct your mind and inspire your passion you can truly access the power within.
My philosophy on sport and competition may best be described by considering the myth of Prometheus. Prometheus is a figure in Greek mythology, and his name is associated with endurance and strength of will. It was written that Zeus gave Prometheus the task of creating man. In completing this task, Prometheus allowed man to stand upright, like the gods, so he could gaze upon the stars. Prometheus also lit his torch at the chariot of the sun and brought down the gift of fire to man. This fire provides us with light in the darkness and warmth in the cold. It also serves as the fire in our soul that gives us the ability to endure the human condition. We are all flawed in some way. We all struggle at times. We must all overcome obstacles. This fire allows us to survive, strive, and thrive throughout our lives. Each of us has access to this gift of fire…but not everyone knows how to use it.
Sport is an amazing arena that can fuel this fire where it can burn brightly for all to see. I have and always will love sport. When you choose to compete in sport, you choose to accept a challenge, to take a risk. This is a worthy pursuit that allows us to test our own will alongside others who are testing theirs. Through this interplay of passion and determination we are somehow better for being a part of it. When the experience is pure, those involved are given the opportunity to engage in meaningful struggle and overcome the obstacles within. Teammates have a chance to join as a unified force and rise to the occasion as one. Through competition in sport opposing forces actually promote strength in the other and push each other to new limits. With this challenge of competition and the spark that sport provides, you can elevate your experience and ignite your life. As a sport psychologist I appreciate the opportunity to be a part of these moments and to help bring them about.

I do what I do because competition can be a beautiful thing.