We offer a unique and flexible approach to the services we provide. Traditional consultation occurs in person with individuals, small groups, or teams. This is often in conjunction with event or game time observation. This allows for more comprehensive assessment and personalized feedback. The duration of services we provide vary from client to client. For some they are satisfied in a session or two, while others choose to work with us for years, ultimately changing their “philosophy” on sport and life.

We are also available for telephone consultation. This allows us to work together no matter where you are or where you live. Furthermore, through the use of “bridge lines”, we can allow several clients to interact together, all on the same phone call. We also provide brief courses educating clients in the areas of performance enhancement, overcoming the pressures of competition, and personal development and well-being.

Finally, we are available for speaking engagements and presentations. The regular use of e-mail and fax is also utilized to provide a more complete interaction. All communications are confidential and will be kept private unless your written permission.