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Dr. Peder N. Piering

Clinical & Sport Psychologist, CC-AASP

Phone: (414) 405-2555


    Excellence in sport demands as much discipline and training of the mind as it does of the body. Every sport has a mental aspect to it, and mental aspects of each sport become more important as you climb the competitive ladder. In fact, on the elite competitive level, those who excel are those who are strongest mentally. With over 70 years of research behind it, the science of sport psychology can help you understand and improve your mental game. With the theories, techniques, and interventions of sport psychology, we can provide you with the mental strategies necessary to gain this competitive edge. With this knowledge rooted in the psychology of excellence, we help athletes create and maintain an ideal psychological profile that will help unleash their physical abilities, and promote peak performance. In addition to years of formal education and specialized training in sport psychology, Dr. Piering also has an extensive background in athletics. He knows what it means to be an athlete. His experiences range from working with professional level and elite athletes, to those with recreational interest.


    Sport psychology provides us with behavioral guidelines designed to increase adaptive interactions between athletes and coaches, to promote team cohesion, and to allow your athletes to perform to their potential without fear of failure. We can help coaches develop superior leadership skills necessary for a more positive influence, and a greater impact on their players and teams. With a healthy philosophy on competition based on effort and the pursuit of excellence, victory will take care of itself.


    What do you value in raising your child? What character qualities do you want to instill in in your child? How will you choose to shape their experience? Your values, your attitudes, and your beliefs will influence how you raise your child. These values and beliefs will set the tone and shape their youth. It is the way that you choose to communicate and instill those values and perspectives in your child that will make the difference. Through the theories and techniques of contemporary sport psychology, we can assist parents in providing their children with an environment in which they can thrive. This environment can be the foundation in their pursuit to attain both success and happiness.

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